Winter Fuel Dock/ Office Hours

The fuel dock and office are now open from Thurs.- Sat. 10am – 5pm.  Some friendly reminders as we approach winter:

  • Please be sure to check on your boat when there is inclement weather.  Heavy rainfall or snowmelt can quickly sink a boat if the bilge stops working.
  • Fasten any loose items down that could blow away in high winds.  Remember to put weight in your dock box if it isn’t already fastened down.
  • Check your shore power connections and make sure you have marina-approved electrical cords.  According to BoatUS, 55% of all boat fires are the result of electrical issues including wiring, both AC and DC.  Make note of where the fire extinguishers are around the marina.  Be kind to your local liveaboards as they may be the first to respond to a boat fire in the middle of the night.